New research shows that people in better-paying jobs generally feel happier than people paid less. But there are some surprising findings.

For example CEOs earn 10 times more than hairdressers on average. But they are not ten times happier. Check out the difference in salary below... and then compare it to the difference in happiness.



Vicars are Britain's happiest workers, pub owners are the LEAST happy



Vicars are Britain's happiest workers, despite earning less than the £26,500 average national salary.

The unhappiest people? Pub landlords. Really, really unhappy - even more miserable than bar staff.

Unhappiness tends to be associated with a lot of low-paying jobs - but the average for well-paid people is dragged down by lawyers feeling MUCH more down than you might expect.

ALWAYS work with children or animals?



Education is the best sector to work in, if happiness is your goal. Secretaries and administrators are also generally happier than the average person on the same wage.

Farming isn't bad too, once you get past the entry level. But don't be a fisherman, because that is a VERY TOUGH job indeed.

Along with CEOs, these people are all happier than average.

  1. Clergy
  2. Secretary
  3. Education
  4. Agriculture
  5. Administration

With vicars, hairdressers and sports coaches scoring very highly too, you can guess what kind of job would suit most people. Something they find meaningful, where they can see the results of their efforts - and not facing the general public, unless it's about making them feel like better people.

And the unhappiest?



Construction and Transport workers are least likely to be happy, but air stewards buck the trend for the sector.

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